Who We Are

CAREFREE – Provides a comprehensive and flexible support for owners of furnished holiday homes which they use for their own holidays or which they let to other people, either privately or through a Booking Agent.

CAREFREE – Understands that many owners, especially those who live in other parts of the country, are pleased to have the day-to-day responsibility and care of their property taken over by someone on the spot. Holidaymakers also appreciate they have someone local they can call on should they have any problems during their stay.

CAREFREE – Concentrates its activities to the North Cornwall area, which means that we have a wealth of local knowledge and contacts, and can offer a highly personal service, tailor-made to suit your particular requirements.

CAREFREE – Has an established network of tradesmen, which can deal with most problems that could arise during the course of a holiday, ensuring minimum disruption but maximum efficiency for both owners and guests.

CAREFREE – Guarantees qualified members of staff to be in attendance each week, whether for changeovers or Property Management duties with constant feedback being provided to our clients. This ensures that our highest standards are continued throughout the term of our contracts.

CAREFREE – Can provide virtually any service that may be required in connection with the running and care of a property. However, as we can tailor-make each contractual commitment for our clients, Carefree is always happy to discuss further requirements.